Beer and Calories and Alcohol and Calories Per Alcohol and…

How many calories do you save by drinking light beer? Or perhaps the better question, if the alcohol content is lower in light beers, how many calories am I saving to get as drunk? This visualization answers that and more. The data is from and I’ve added lots of sort, coloring, highlight and filter opportunities. See if you can answer the following questions:

  • For the same level of drunkenness, what beer has most calories per 100 ml? (hint, sort by descending calories per alcohol %)
  • Which has the least?
  • What has the most calories per alcohol percent of the light beers?
  • Which brewery has the widest spread of alcohol percent and calories (separate the list by brewery, then highlight each brewery on the scatter plot)
  • Which beer would get you the most wasted?

To answer the question about light beers, alcohol, and calories: light beer has 35% less calories, but 24.5% less alcohol. To reach the same level of drunkenness (I know that’s not necessarily the goal…) you are only reducing your calorie intake by 14%.


  1. Matt York
    Sep 16, 2011

    Fergin awesome. I love the sort workaround.

    Not making me feel better about my love for 1554.

  2. Andy Kriebel
    Sep 27, 2011

    I love it! It’d be really cool to have the company logos on the scatter plot. Oh, and 14% less calories is still 14% less calories. Isn’t that a good value for getting plastered? :-)

    • Alex Kerin
      Sep 27, 2011

      Andy, true, but 14% lower may tip the balance (scales) if you have a taste preference..

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